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"Soundscape Synagogue" Database

The "Soundscape Synagogue" database is designed as a cooperative project with both institutional and private partners. The purpose of the database is not only to explore the sacred music of the Jews within a closed academic discourse, but also to make it visible as a living tradition and to raise public awareness on the topic. A further aspect is to expand Germany’s role as a research location for synagogal music.

Apart from being a storage and access point for historical records of synagogal music (e.g. data on individuals, institutions and their collections, information on the works), the outstanding feature of the database will be the simultaneous provision of ethnomusicological data (e.g. on the minhagim and the Jewish communities in which  music traditions are fostered). Thus, on the one hand the database will be an interface for holdings of historical source material in different archives; on the other hand, it will contain data gathered for the special purpose (e.g. field research records). Such data may be provided by field researchers, but it is hoped, will also be actively given to us by Jewish communities in a dynamic process of contact and exchange.

Our target groups are not only information specialists and researchers, but primarily people practically involved in the creation, performance and dissemination of Jewish music (e.g. individuals, communities who encounter Jewish music in everyday life). By collecting, documenting, and sharing knowledge on synagogal music in all its manifestations, a dialogue between academic researchers and practitioners of  Jewish music can be established, which, in turn, will bring about an informed public awareness on the topic.

To monitor the effectiveness of our database, a feedback tool will serve to inform the EZJM whether and in which way persons or institutions who pass on cultural values have reinstalled forgotten synagogal music traditions in their congregations or have introduced them into public cultural life in a creative way. As such, the database will measure, and consequently expand, meta-discourses on cultural sustainability in terms of applied research.

Donate objects, share memories, preserve synagogue music

In order to be able to offer as much information, documents and items as possible, the EZJM needs your help. Do you possess tangible or intangible testimonies of liturgical Jewish music / synagogue music or in respect to cantors that you would like to place at our disposal? This includes, for example:

  • Estates
  • Sheet music
  • Correspondence
  • Newspaper articles
  • (historical) audio recordings
  • Photographs
  • Personal memories: do you remember melodies that were sung in your community in bygone days, or do you have recollections of a cantor in your community? We would be very happy if you were willing to share these memories with us.

Or do you have information regarding other people or places who we could contact?
If so, we would be very grateful if you could get into contact with us.



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European Centre for Jewish Music

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30161 Hannover

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E-mail: Soundscape Synagogue

Carry on tradition

Please help us with further information and materials for Soundscape Synagogue: click here to watch the film describing the project.

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